Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Name change!

I first conceived of this blog when I discovered that you could buy simple CRISPR kits online.

My first thought: I could buy CRISPR online and do genome editing experiments from my kitchen??

My second thought: How fun would it be to write about this, as a bioethicist?

My third thought: I'm making a blog, and I'm calling it, "The CRISPR Kitchen."

I absolutely loved the name I came up with. It had alliteration, it was short and catchy, and the word "kitchen" elicited mental images of DIY home experiments to cook up something new and interesting. But then I discovered that there is another website called "CRISPR Kitchen". . .

After about two weeks of struggling with what to do about the name conflict, it became obvious that a name change was necessary, and that this moment in time (just starting out) was the best time to do it.

And so I present to you my blog in its new form: "The CRISPR Drawer."

As disappointed as I am in the loss of the name I loved so much, the new name is starting to grow on me. Its still linked to my much-loved kitchen metaphor of DIY experimentation and research, and its literal in that I hope to have a CRISPR experiment in my actual refrigerator in the near future.

I'm also hoping that the name change will fit better with the direction I hope to take my writing; I still plan on experimenting, but I also hope to write about other topics beyond CRISPR that are connected to genome editing.

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