Sunday, February 12, 2017

Upcoming: Biohacking in Brooklyn

Photo credit: Brooklyn Bridge At Night by Paslier Morgan
The CRISPR Drawer has taken a long break (first for the December holidays, then for time to complete a separate writing project), but now, the blog is back and ready to delve into "biohacking" in the upcoming weeks.

What is "biohacking"?

According to Wikipedia, biohacking is: "Do-it-yourself biology, a social movement in which individuals and organizations pursue biology and life science with tools equivalent to those of professional labs."

First, I'll describe my experience in a Brooklyn "community lab"—a lab that anyone can join to work on their own, independent biology projects—and what it was like to learn how to isolate my own DNA and genetically modify my first organism.

Next, I'll interview some "biohackers" to ask questions such as:

-What is biohacking, really?
-What kinds of projects are biohackers working on?
-How could biohacking impact the field of biology?
-How could biohacking impact society?
-What ethical issues do you think matter most?

The writing as already begun, so stay tuned for upcoming posts about biohacking in Brooklyn!

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